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Livestream Player WIP

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Livestream Player WIP

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Simple media player for YouTube that I slapped together as a "Baby's First Project" kind of thing. :confused:
Looking at other players, this pales in comparison, but hey, it works.
The skin itself is made up of three parts. Visuals is VisBubble by undefinist, song info and controls are by tjhrulz, and the picker is by myself and inspired by poiru's illustro google search bar, except stream-lined for youtube. Currently, it can physically fit up to eight icons, but that can be changed with overall player height.
Feel free to copy the last portion if you want to add it to your own custom players. Quick sidenote, the .ini file to choose is called "Example". I tried renaming it but rainmeter didn't like that, so Example it is.

Why is it a WIP?
As it is now, choosing a new stream will cause it to pop up the last used window and start a new tab. I am still working on either reusing the music tab or at least suppressing the pop-up and keeping the window minimized. If you have an idea for this, feel free to let me know.

Hope you enjoy!
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