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Hello from Sweden! (Borrowing skins from BlueVision v0.2)

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Hello from Sweden! (Borrowing skins from BlueVision v0.2)

Post by MajorProfit »

Hi! I am a novice in rainmeter although i understand the premise. I was using those gadgets that was in windows 7 and where sad when they where taken down. My dream/goal is to have a second small screen where i can display things like network activity, CPU activity, time, and weather. But for now i am focusing on network and CPU activity, also i do no yet have a second screen yet.

I like the look of the network activity in BluVision v0.2, but he is no longer working on it, so i am having a go at changing them (separate from his since i am not interested in the other things it displays) so that it looks like how i want it. It is now to wide. I like it to have the same length as the CPU skins.

I like the display of the CPU and the separate cores, and going to borrow them. I am going to change them also but that comes after i learn more about how to make skins in Rainmeter.
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Re: Hello from Sweden! (Borrowing skins from BlueVision v0.2)

Post by balala »

Welcome aboard, MajorProfit. Feel free to ask here on the forum, anytime you have questions. Usually you'll get a good idea.