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Another Visualizer 3.0

Media controls, music players, video and animated visualizers
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Another Visualizer 3.0

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Advanced audio visualizer for Rainmeter with support for Spotify, NowPlaying and Chameleon plugins

UPDATE AUGUST/2017 (v3.0)
- NEW! Settings Skins
- NEW! Corner Visualizer
- NEW! RGB Code 2.0 Skin
- Fixed bug on rounded bars
- Added new visualizer modes
- Added 50 Music Radio Stations
- Added many new settings (bands, level of gradient colors, 10 memories, custom fonts, 3 sizes of player and much more)

- LoopMania Mix. The music of the video is composed by me in 1999 with ModPlug Tracker and some loop files

- 4 visualizers. Corner, Bars, Lines and Waves
- You can modify the colors, transparency, height, width and borders
- Easy to access the Settings Skins by right-clicking on any skin
- Use the mouse wheel to modify the values and left button for load default values
- Includes my RGB Code 2.0 Skin for search the colors
- Player with support for Spotify and NowPlaying
- Dynamic colors extracted from the cover and wallpaper
- Place the mouse on the cover to show the player. Use the wheel to adjust the song progress (Nowplaying mode only) and to adjust the volume. Press the left button on the volume ring to mute.
- Access to your music folder and Radio folder

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