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Visual Chunk 1.8 - Now includes Arial font support

Skins that monitor system information
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Visual Chunk 1.8 - Now includes Arial font support

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This suite is designed to display useful information while remaining small and most importantly, usable while windows are open. The style is due to personal preference and the skins are greyscale because that doesn't clash with most wallpapers. Yes, you can turn off the scanlines if you don't like them.

Font used for "Original Font" skins is VCR OSD Mono. I did NOT create it and you need to download that yourself. If you use the Arial skins you don't need VCR. Nothing else is required to use this suite.
This suite is around 4MB when installed. It includes (with additional variants):
- System usage bars (CPU, RAM, SWAP, Drives and Power)
- System usage histograms (graphs) (CPU, RAM, SWAP, Network and a test for Drive Activity)
- Recycle bin, Clock, Uptime and Date skin (with 12/24hr variants)
- Notes
- Drop Menus (expanding program/folder launchers)
- Dual Player (works with two media players)
- Audio Visualiser
- Settings Menu (to change scanline intensity, selected media players/player shortcut path, drive names/letters and Drop Menu file paths/names/process names)

Special thank you to and the community for their helpful information.