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Hello Everone....

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Hello Everone....

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Hi All, My real name unfortunately isnt Jedi its Gary..but we can all dream, even at my age. Anyway Hello again, I'm Gary I'm 56 Years old and I suffer from a sometimes mind numbing and paralyzing depression. I thought that is I tried to do something halfway creative it may give my brain something to process apart from the utter shite it normally concentrates on. Themes and skins etc on PC's have long interested me but I didnt have the bottle or the energy sometimes to do any with my interest. UNTIL NOW :jawdrop I really want to learn how to work on the themes and skins on my laptop and whilst I really want all the help I can get I dont want to become a nuisance. So if my questions become two frequent or garbled please let me know. I really look forward to getting to know some of you and hope I can one day give as much as I am undoubtably going to require :lol: :bow:
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Re: Hello Everone....

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Welcome aboard.