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Hi everyone,

I'm "Sephirotess"... nothing else to say. Thanks, goodbye :? .

Well, ok, ok :o ... So, I discovered Rainmeter at the end of 2014. I was looking for software with monitoring possibilities, because I like to known what happen on my PC and where goes my resources.

At the beginning, I downloaded some skins and I tried to understand "Illustro" by Poiru. In the first time I said "oh, it's a bit complicated, I don't like programming stuffs, so, it's not for me !". I abandoned Rainmete O.O.

I came back some months later, because I understood that with Rainmeter, I'll be able to change my desktop appearance, by creating my own stuffs. So, I tried one again to understood the programming system (basis and advanced stuffs). I read to
documentation and started to create little skins. Rainmeter became very addictive for me 8-).

After some months (near 1 year), I created my first suites (Sephi's Suite and SephiLite). Since, 1 year (and some months) I tried to create regularly something nice. I created lot of suites, as CalendarSuite, NotesSuite, Sephira, T.B.O.T.S, Ribbon, BA, GnometerLike, BP...

I like (and I want) to create all on my suites (wallpapers, pictures, somes icons...). Why take the work of an other people, if I can do it myself ? The only things I don't create are addons, plugins, fonts and others icons (Microsoft or soft icons).

Thanks a lot to the Rainmeter team, to the great job on this forum and sorry for my English :welcome:.