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Can you skin all of windows 7?

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Can you skin all of windows 7?

Post by Rebel230 »

I am very new to this and have not even tried to make a skin of my own yet. I have seen some amazing work here and on some other sites. I am still trying to fully figure out how to install a theme. It seems the wallpapers are usually seperate from the theme? I was wondering if you can skin your windows windows, if that makes any sense to match the theme of the desktop, so when you open up my computer or internet explorer the windows will match the border and theme of the desktop?

Thank you for any help.
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Re: Can you skin all of windows 7?

Post by Kaelri »

Short answer: yes, you can. Although the selection is still pretty small, there is a growing pool of Windows 7 visual styles available.

Lest there be any confusion, however, you should understand that Rainmeter itself does not modify any aspects of your system. It is a standalone, self-contained application that places skins on your desktop in a free-floating manner, similar to the built-in Windows sidebar. It does not control your wallpaper or the appearance of your taskbar, window borders, etc.

Many users put a great deal of time and effort into designing themes for Windows, Rainmeter, Firefox, Winamp, etc. in order to create the appearance of a single cohesive interface. This process takes research, experimentation, and a lot of disparate pieces of software. While many of us find it rewarding and worthwhile, there should be no illusion that the task can be done with a single application.