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Report bugs with the Rainmeter application and suggest features.
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Post by bennythen00b »

There should be support for Spotify. 8-)
Preferably with these features:

- Play button
- Pause button
- Next song button
- Previous song button
- Total song time and play time.
- Song name
- Next song
- Album cover

This may be to much to ask for, but it is just a SUGGESTION and NOT a REQUEST. ;)
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Re: Spotify

Post by kati42 »

Does Spotify accept command-line parameters to control it? If so, you could use !Execute ["cmd"] to do it...

If not, and if Rainmeter doesn't have that functionality added, you could try requesting command-line control from whomever codes Spotify...
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Re: Spotify

Post by limpet »

Could also ask to see if there are any useable message definitions. That way you could control it the same way you can control Winamp.

I don't see anything in the API header they give you on the site, though.
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Re: Spotify

Post by Sylvane »

Related to this, it would be nice to get this for too.
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Re: Spotify

Post by taipan_snake »

I think this would be much better implemented as a plugin, although I have no knowledge whatsoever about making plugins...
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Re: Spotify

Post by Celero »

Who can make the plugin?!?!??!... I am really interested in this xD