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WIP futuristic/high tech Rainmeter theme

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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WIP futuristic/high tech Rainmeter theme

Post by tainin52 »

I would like opinions on my work so far as well as suggestions for useful or interesting stuff to put in the remaining space. just so you know the center core's blue wire ball revolves and some of the "metal" pieces spin. the launcher in the bottom left includes both websites and applications. it also scrolls so you can add as many sites/apps as you like (this is done using FileView plugin).

also if you have ideas on how to improve the current skins i am happy to hear.
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Re: WIP futuristic/high tech Rainmeter theme

Post by Bekarfel »

Uhh... why does your desktop folder have a desktop folder? :)
moshi wrote:there are many Rainmeter skins that aren't really useful, so let's add another one.
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Re: WIP futuristic/high tech Rainmeter theme

Post by Mor3bane »

Hey, you theme looks pretty cool.

It is though, a bit standardised - central round thingy - stuff popps out of it etc.

Still a nice effort :thumbup:
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