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Hi, newb Jim

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Hi, newb Jim

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Hi All,
I am a current BSCS student @CTU-online. I have always liked to upgrade my computers (laptops) from the physical stand point. Now that I am taking C++ I want to tool around with different basics to get a better feel for the process. Also I hope that I will be able to use my laptop for work purposes in the near future. I have just built my first from scratch puter. Sadly the ASUS Sabertooth X99 mobo( "TUF" lol), was bad out of the box, so I have been waiting nearly 2 months for an advanced replacement. I don't know what exactly it will do in the future but I am building to be durable. My plans are just to use it and the laptop for kali exercises and hopefully learn how to do the whole remote access thing for future freelance work.

Workstation (new build)
Corasir 540 Air
H115 Corsair w/c 280mm
Asus Strix 970 GTX
32gb Vengeance
2x1tb Evo 850
2x6tb WD Black

Alienware 17(2014')
i7 4800mq
32gb Ripjaw
1tb(mSata)+2x500gb Evo 850, all SSD
8gb GTX980m(custom)
Windows 10 Pro 64
Planned upgrades: custom CPU/GPU cooling pipes, uprated fans, modified GPU pipe mount.

Xbox handle "Statecactus6001", default