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RainPixel [proof-of-concept]

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RainPixel [proof-of-concept]

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it was not my intention to create this, was testing things out, came up to this, decided to share...
This skin is sort of proof-of-concept or example in some cases. It may not have any practical use due to lack of performance...but for fun you can check it out ;)

Basically this skin shows/render image pixel by pixel using meters (RainPixel.ini) and second skin (RainPixel2.ini) uses InlineOption settings.

Loading RainPixel.ini will take some time to load meters (10000+ actually =D), about 1-2 min or so, during this time Rainmeter will be frozen so wait a bit. Same happens when rendering image but much faster.

Second skin loads and renders image much faster but has it's disadvantages due to use of Font, you'll see.

in short it is txt to image...
text files contains BGR matrix...
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