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Ministry of Silly Walks Clock

Clocks and timer skins
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Ministry of Silly Walks Clock

Post by FuzzyLizard530 »

I'm surprised No one else did this already! LOL! This is something I've wanted ever since I saw This, and ended up finally getting my hands a little dirty to make it work...

I made two versions of it: Fast and slow.

Fast = Legs are Seconds and Minutes, Red Dot is Hours
Slow = Legs are Minutes and Hours, Red Dot is Seconds

Preview is Fast Version [and I shortened the frame time, so that you didn't have to wait for a minute to see it all!]
Side Question: Is there a way I can make his scale [Bigger or smaller], without screwing up EVERYTHING? I had a heck of a time just trying to get the legs properly oriented/situated...
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Re: Ministry of Silly Walks Clock

Post by mak_kawa »

LOL...really funny.
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Re: Ministry of Silly Walks Clock

Post by jsmorley »

mak_kawa wrote:LOL...really funny.
Well, more "silly" than "funny" isn't it... ;-)