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Mercury 1.0.0

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Mercury 1.0.0

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It's been years since I've made anything for rainmeter, but I finally decided I wanted a nice looking system monitor on my second display. It's taken over a month to land on this specific design, but I think the several scrap-and-start-overs were worth it.

Description from DA (Because I'm lazy and have spent at least 5 hours straight trying to get this out):

Mercury is a suite of skins designed around a taskbar that is in tune with Windows and its accent color. Choose from 3 themes: Accent, Dark, Light. The Accent theme takes on the accent color of Windows as the background and determines the foreground color (Text, line graphs, etc) based on the accent. The Dark theme takes on a charcoal background and uses the Accent as the foreground when appropriate. The Light theme takes on a slate background and uses the Accent as the foreground when appropriate. If you really dig into the settings variables, I've given some nice levels of customization for each theme, all editable in a single file. Ignore the fact that it's a little rough around the edges in places. I plan to smooth it out over the coming weeks and will post semi-regular updates, largely depending on when I'm able to mess with it.

All of the skins change with Windows, so if you have "Automatically pick an accent color from my background" turned on--no worries, it will stay in sync! To deal with multiple values in line graphs, it is also aware of the complement and the two other triad colors of the Accent color.

It comes with two sample skins that can easily be modified into whatever you please (located under MercurAPI).

All user settings are changed manually at \Mercury\resources\inc\ See Roadmap.html for known issues and let me know of any you run across!

I've included pictures of Mercury in various colors in each theme. With transparency, foreground color overriding, custom background colors for themes, etc. there's a lot to customize. I include the Atom.jpg picture (the last one) because that "theme" will ultimately make a comeback. The option to disable "the gutter" (the dark strip with text) is in place, but it is 95% unfinished--once it is finished, it should look very similar to "Atom".

EDIT: Included DA description, forgot DA link. Doh! (

EDIT2: Worth mentioning that I'm on a Core i7 6700K @ 4.6GHz, so if there's any bloat it's hard for me to see since rainmeter takes up less than 0.5% of my CPU running at 250ms update. If there is noticeable bloat on lesser systems, let me know. I'm planning on looking at my lua scripts and "modularizing" some of the measures and variables where possible so they can be plugged into skins that need them and left out of those that don't...that being said, it runs below 1% on average on my laptop (Core i5 2xxx, dual core HT)
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