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Simple Calculator

Skins that control functions in Windows or Rainmeter
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Simple Calculator

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Hi all,

This is a Simple Calculator skin. I modeled it after the iPhone's basic calculator. So, it looks and operates pretty close to that. I think I have it all working except for Clear Error/Clear All, as mine only has Clear All. Everything else should work.

I'm not completely sure why I wanted to attempt this, but I only saw one other calculator skin out there on Deviantart. I think partly, just to see if I could. As I understand, this is probably not the intended type of skin that Rainmeter was meant for, but Rainmeter is flexible enough in it's design to allow this to be created. And of course, I learned a few things about Rainmeter in the process. So, I guess it was more of a learning tool than anything else.

I don't plan on adding all the advanced functions as the iPhone calculator has. This is all I meant to do.

Enjoy. If you see anything interesting in the coding that you can use, even better.
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