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4chan Top Thread Image Viewer v1.4

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4chan Top Thread Image Viewer v1.4

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This skin displays the most popular thread on any particular board.

You can switch boards quickly from the built in settings menu and are able to customize your own board list and change the theme.


Edit 4chan.ini ("Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/4chan) under the [variables] section.


-Gif not supported by rainmeter (you can click on the image to view in browser as a work around)
-Webm not supported, will show up as a blank image (again, clicking this blank image will open the webm in VLC instead)
-If images fail to load (rare), restart rainmeter.

Please request features!


1.1: Gui color changes ; removed refresh button
1.2: Fixed refresh settings for stability; added 4th board
1.3: Added themes; stability
1.4: Entire GUI theme
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