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Electrilog Collection

Clocks and timer skins
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Electrilog Collection

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- The Electrilog Collection (far right of the screenshot) was designed by Simantic with form and function in mind by combining electronic accuracy and analog beauty.

- Electrilog Clock is an analog text clock hidden in a word search type background, highlighting words to display the current time in plain text. It reports the time in a more human format using words like "ALMOST", "ABOUT, "JUST AFTER", etc. There are enough different words that it's never more than 1 minute off. For instance, "IT'S JUST AFTER ONE O'CLOCK" could be either 1:01 or 1:02. From 1:03 to 1:04 it will read, "IT'S ALMOST FIVE AFTER ONE O'CLOCK". Hover your mouse over the top/right of the clock (where "ALMOST" is), and "SETTINGS" will appear. Click it, and a settings box will pop-up to adjust the time zone, and DST (Daylight Savings Time).

- It doesn't do AM or PM. Look out your window once in awhile. ;-)

- Electrilog Calendar is a separate continuation of Electrilog Clock. It uses the same analog text style and word search type background. It's also programmed to check if Electrilog Clock is active so it can change the beginning text from "IT'S" to "ON", making it sound better when you read it. (Big thanks to balala here on the Rainmeter Forums for helping me figure that part out.)

- Electrilog Notepad is a simple desktop notepad designed in the same Electrilog sytle. It features buttons that highlight when the mouse cursor hovers over the text for: Edit, Clear, Copy, Paste, Show/Hide, and Read. The notes display will open after clicking on "SHOW", and is set to wrap text within a standard width while expanding in length dynamically. The "READ" button activates Windows text-to-speech which audibly reads the contents of the text file back to you.

- Enjoy!

- Note: The main preview image also features slightly modified versions of a couple of my favorite skins: "VClouds2" weather skin by VClouds and some of the gauges from "Dashboard" by Seahorse (AKA Osric Wuscfrea). These are NOT included with the Electrilog Collection.

- Screenshots:

Electrilog Clock

Electrilog Calendar with Clock

Electrilog Calendar without Clock

Electrilog Notepad Options

Electrilog Notepad Display

Download the Electrilog Collection on DeviantArt