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Introducing FSuite

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Introducing FSuite

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EDIT: Version 1.1 has been released with the change mentioned at the bottom of this post. Also, the DeviantArt page is now up.

Changelog V1.1:
Fixed folders don't open again after being used to access a shortcut once.

Full featured, fully customizeable.

Imgur album here:
  • "Nested" file browsing via FLauncher. Protip: Make a Windows folder with shortcuts, point it to a folder of playlists, or a folder of .URL shortcuts. Middle click on the launcher to open the folder.
  • App shortcuts from ALauncher, heavily inspired by RainbowHoovez Launcher, but tweaked and updated with current Rainmeter 3.1 syntax. Middle click opens Apps.txt
  • Volume adjust in 20% intervals, right click mutes, middle click opens Windows Playback Devices
  • Power meter changes based on AC/Battery power. Middle click to open Windows Power Options
  • RAM, CPU, and Network update every 3 seconds to display the past 3 second's average, because I hate having something flash on my screen every second, and because I don't trust random peaks to really tell me how hard I'm pushing my system.
  • Date/Clock can be used as shortcuts to apps (setup in Apps.txt)
  • Settings skin is useful for initial setup
  • KThemer allows for the adjustment of every variable referenced in Have fun!!
  • If you don't want the highlights, you can select No Highlight under settings or change the highlight value to 0,0,0,1 in KThemer.
Horizontal variations must be selected by right clicking on the skin and selecting under 'Variations'

I'd love to hear any sort of feedback or request for features.
Pretty much everything can be edited within the file in the Resources folder, although the KThemer skin will provide an actual visualization. A backup of the file has been provided :)