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Working with InputText

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Re: Working with InputText

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pul53dr1v3r wrote: February 16th, 2021, 6:11 pm i just had in my mind a plugin option to set a minimal number of characters in an input text measure as leaving it empty can cause errors in certain cases, especially where numeric values are required. Adding additional measure for every InputText measure could be a headache for those who use the plugin. The option should return the last entered value if the number of entered characters is less than the determined with the option.
If InputLimit option (for max number of characters) is necessary, why not to add this one? Can't InputLimit be achieved without the option? It can, but that's much easier way for many users, less code, resource usage...

Just a suggestion for devs with a BIG thanks for all the work up to now!
A workaround for this is using substitution directly on the InputText measure. That way you can just set a default value for when left empty. I explained it on this post.