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Demesne Skin Suite

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Demesne Skin Suite

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Demesne Skin Suite


Download Skin Here

Demesne V1.0
Rainmeter Skin Suite

Available with four colors.
The skin uses few of others people arts they are listed below
Wallpaper- Glowing Lights
Facebook skin- modded skin of Facebook Reader
Calendar skin- modded skin of Rainmeter Calendar

Demesne Ver 2.0 Screenshot
-Will make the skin much lighter
-More and easy functionality to be introduced(Since I had very less knowledge of rainmeter when I was creatign V1.0)
-Removal of bugs
-Enhance the looks

Any suggestions from you will be appreciated.
I will be coming with it soon!

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