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Drivers dont support Stereo Mix for an Equalizer

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Drivers dont support Stereo Mix for an Equalizer

Post by Millersun360 »

So I recently Pimped my Windows 8 Pc with Rainmeter's awesome software :D

In my progress I sought to get an Equalizer for any sounds played through my stereo. However I discovered my progress stalemated at the step of enabling Stereo Mix as the default recording device. Disabled and Disconnected were both showing, and yet Stereo Mix was absent. Forums said to re-install drivers, so I did. Much to my disliking, I discovered my sound card to be "outdated and unsupported". I have the Rampage 2 Extreme motherboard and SupremeFX X-Fi card that comes with it (due to the board lacking on board audio). Here is the Boards link -

I then tried Installing a third party software to create my own Stereo Mix like program. I used Virtual Audio Streaming. As can be found at this link -

Through my efforts, I could not discover any means of linking it to a Samurize cliented Equalizer. :uhuh: Here is a link to the equalizer that I used through Samurize -

If anyone knows of a way to create an artifical Stereo Mix or tinkering with the Virtual Audio Streaming software in some way that to make it act so, It would be much appreciate! Thanks for your time! :thumbup:
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Re: Drivers dont support Stereo Mix for an Equalizer

Post by fonpaolo »

Sorry, if I remember correctly, if there's no Stereo Mix support in your hardware, there's no other way.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.