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moving sidebar

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moving sidebar

Post by Darko666 »

Now I've been looking all over the interwebs for something like a sidebar that "pops" up when you mouse-over the visible part of it.
Couldn't find it... Either I searched with wrong phrasing, or it just wasn't there..

I started searching for something that did scroll.

I found the Lyrics skin by manci5 and went to fiddle around.
I also used the coding from the Redux skin by Varelse42.
The sidebar image and the icons I made/modified myself.

My sidebar isn't perfect. I know this.
Suggestions are very appreciated, Because right now it's buggy, and I don't know how to fix it... (I'm very aware of bugs/faults in the coding)

These are bugs/faults I already found (I will update it when things get solved/added):
- The skin starts in view, and I'd like it to start semi-hidden.
- Have to "manually" hover over sidebar to make it go to it's "original" startpoint.
- Unable to flip the bar so it would be on the right side of the screen.
- Will work on top/bottom bar if requested.
- Unable to position icons because x is measured..

Before you try it and start saying it doesn't work;
The sidebar is already in full view, you have to mouse-over it so its starts moving.
Then you move your mouse away, so its starts moving back.
If everything works out (works fine on my computer) the sidebar will eventually stop, still showing the edge.
From here, the sidebar works fine.
It moves into view on mouse-over and goes back when you remove the mouse.

Hope you like it, and I await feedback :)
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