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Crystaline Buttonmeter

Skins to open folders and launch applications and websites
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Crystaline Buttonmeter

Post by PreDominance »

I was stumbling through a 4chan desktop thread when I discovered this beautiful wallpaper. I made it my own and was satisfied for a few weeks, when a fellow CSE had a random idea that went to the tune of, "You know, it would really be cool if you could make each one of those crystaline rocks a button..". Seeing as how I loved this background and wanted to exemplify its existence on my computer, I took his idea and ran with it.

After some searching I discovered Rainmeter and decided to look into it. I figured out that it was indeed capable of doing what I desired and began working.
The result was fantastic.
Each one is a clickable button that executes a file of of your choosing. I'm still looking for ideas on how to improve this, so please post if you have them! Firstly I'm looking into making them all properly aligned automatically in a 1080p setting. Following that I'd like to figure out how to get it to work on any other resolution, where the rocks will be thicker/wider.
Imgur Link:
Download Link.

Please note that after installing the skin you must load it from Rainmeter. It will overwrite your current desktop background so you might want to back it up. Works on the following resolutions:
1920x1080, 1680x1050, 1600x900, 1440x960, 1400x1050.
Let me know how I did!

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Patch Notes:
1.0: Release
1.1: Added support for multiple resolutions.
1.2: Added captions w/ support for multiple resolutions.
1.21: Small visual bug fixes.
1.3: Added support for opening file & folders.
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Re: Crystaline Buttonmeter

Post by wuj2k »

Hey can you please add support for 1280x720 (720p)? I love the theme, but can't get it to work with my resolution.