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Search Bar (10 in 1) V1.1 (Update)

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Re: Search Bar (10 in 1) V1.1 (Update)

Post by dilshad »

@ smurfier:
I would like to seek your help. Like I need a skin to be light by using Update=100 and then i want a meter in the skin to update every 1000 miliseconds i.e 1sec. how can I do this??

please also mntion that by doing this will the skin be light for the cpu.
I will be coming with it soon!

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Re: Search Bar (10 in 1) V1.1 (Update)

Post by fonpaolo »

To be light for the CPU, simply use Update=100 only for the meters/measures that really need to be updated with that high frequency.
For the rest of your skin use Updatedivider=10 (100*10=1000) where needed and for everything that doesn't really need to be updated use UpdateDivider=-1 (for images, background, measures/meters with values that doesn't change or only once at startup).
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Re: Search Bar (10 in 1) V1.1 (Update)

Post by Grim »

I too am working on a skin and came across this awesome guide for the "update" settings.

Went through my whole skin and basically optimized it using the guide.