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Possible App?

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Possible App?

Post by gozmit »

i don't know if there already exists an app i can tweak for me or if i would be able to make one.

But i have my computer hooked to my hdtv through hdmi, and also headphones hooked into my computer often at night i tend to switch the sound to my headphones and turn the tv sound off to not wake anyone else in the house up. And vice versa during the day.

I have been just been going to my playback devices and disabling my tv source and enabling my headphone source, and again vice versa.

Would there be a better way to switch the sound back and forth?
I would love just a big button in the corner of my desktop i could just switch that would do all this for me, and then i just switch again to revert the sound.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Possible App?

Post by Stan »

Deleted - Don't think my idea would work
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Re: Possible App?

Post by FlyingHyrax »

I can't test it, but you very well may be able to do what you describe with a Rainmeter skin and the Win7Audio plugin.
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