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i recently remembered an old tool from the days when emulating the BlackBox window manager was hip among the alternative shell scene.

bsetroot is a command line wallpaper changer that might be interesting for some as it offers a lot more than Rainmeter's own !SetWallpaper bang.

with it you can not only switch the wallpaper, but also apply different types of gradients and most importantly combine gradients with images.

for example:

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"C:\Program Files (x86)\bsetroot-2.1\bsetroot.exe" -full "D:\pictures\wallpapers\wave.jpg" -hue 80 -sat 0 -gradient pipecrossinterlacedgradient -from steelblue -to limegreen
one scenario would be applying different gradients to wallpaper depending on the time of the day.

it's available here:

and i would love gradient types like "crossdiagonal", "pipecross", "elliptic", "rectangle", or "pyramid" in Rainmeter.