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Sharing: U_Config V1.1

Skins that monitor system information
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Sharing: U_Config V1.1

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My first attempt at skins...

- This "suite" has been designed to be small and simple - using no images or extra addons.
- Basic skin settings are easily configurable... providing suite-wide color, font, styles, sizes & other options in just 2 files.
-- Colors, Fonts, Set points (& other items) are set in
-- Styles are set in
- The meters change colors and alert the user at a pre-set point. Currently, usage skins go yellow at 85% and temperatures go red at 122F.
- Skins have 2-color backgrounds (with transparency settings) which reverse when moused over. Sidebar also has 2-color background which can be used to give a unified appearance if individual backgrounds are turned off, or as an underlying color.
- Most meters are available in line, bar, or histogram styles (and should scale well at >150 pixel width).
- The Calendar uses a file for user-configured holidays/dates --

- SpeedFan is required for skins with fan speed or temperature displays.
- Calendar is based on Smurfier's LuaCalendar -

- modified to allow for mix & match graph styles (left vs. right) on one skin... just click on meter to change it's type.
- added weather skin
- added world clocks skin
Matt Z.
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