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Search for a theme!

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Search for a theme!

Post by bipolarrooster »

Hey guys, just a quick question/request...

Do any of you happen to know which theme was used to achieve the following style?:

Thank you in progress~
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Re: Search for a theme!

Post by jsmorley »

I'm not even sure I see any Rainmeter involved in that. It just looks like a Windows theme to me.
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Re: Search for a theme!

Post by moshi »

go to deviantArt.
go to the Windows 7 visual styles section.
sort by all time popularity.
there aren't that many visual styles for Windows 7, and 90% of all people post the same 20 in their screenshots anyways, so it should be easy to find.

alternatively you could ask the person that uploaded it.
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Re: Search for a theme!

Post by redcoon »

I think I've seen few tools here n there if you are using win 8 basically you have to install StartIsBack ,then update your icons with something like Iconifier 7 , then you can change the theme with something like Base ,all what you need to install the theme is explained in the link.