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HIVE SystemData v0.5

Skins that monitor system information
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HIVE SystemData v0.5

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This is my second Rainmeter theme.

I developed it on Rainmeter 3.0 Beta, however it should work on older versions as well.
I used only blank text information data, because I want to get information right when I look at it.

Out of this theme you get disk space, time, date, various CPU and GPU information, used RAM and Network activitiy including ping, up/down-rate and IP addresses.

For the CPU Temp you need CoreTemp installed and running, for the GPU information you need MSIAfterburner installed and running.

In the file in @Resources you can change the font color, font face, font size, table width, hdd-disks, Router-IP and DNS-IP (for pings).

Since I use a 2-Monitor setup I did two versions of each skin, one with left align and one with right align.

Left Click on Trashbin: Open Trashbin.
Right Click on Trashbin: Empty with check.
Middle Click on Trashbin: Silent Empty.

On DeviantArt, *.rmskin only: LINK

On my site, with CoreTemp and Afterburner: LINK