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BezTorrent Skin

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BezTorrent Skin

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My first skin mod is ready to go.
Posted on -> DOWNLOAD

This is based on JsMorley's LuaTorrent 3.1 Skin with a special thanks to smurfier for helping me with some code.

What started as a small project to get some much needed functionality turned out to be more or less an experiment and a way to brush up on my rusty scripting skills. I know the Lua code seems a bit bloated and could probably use an array but i figured if im going to use for loops on the array for sorting i might as well just do it this way for now so it still need to be cleaned up.
Half the stuff i put in were more or less just to see if i could so ya its a bit over done like with the config screen but hey it works and i dont notice any difference in performance use.

What you see here is with the setting 10 torrent listings but can be changed from 1 to 30 in the configuration screen

The Help(X).jpg's in the installation folder should point you in the right direction for setting up uTorrent. As for the skin itself no ini editing necessary. Just click on the Cog button in the upper right hand corner and set what ever you need.

Take note:
-Click on the white text to open the input field, type and hit enter to store your preference.
Some settings are dynamic and will change immediately like the background color& transparency but are not saved permanently yet
-The settings are NOT saved permanently until you click the "Save" button at the bottom


What has changed compared to LuaTorrent 3.1:

-Configuration screen
-Some minor visual tweaks
-Added Aero Blur effect which you can turn off/on in the config (have only tested under windows 7)
-Added total DL and UL bandwidth meters shown in title bar (based on the torrents and not windows network IO)
-Clicking on a torrent name opens the respective folder it is in
-Added the option to choose how many torrents are listed (max 30).
-Depending on the max listing you want shown the skin will populate the screen so you dont have snapping to screen edge problems. Although you can go smaller then 5 listings you wont gain screen space as the configuration windows uses that same amount so 5 is actually a minimum.
-You can select which torrents to show base on 3 category's (Leeching / Seeding / Finished) Al combinations are possible.
-Torrent listing will be sorted automatically based on priority. Prio 1 = Queue listing in uTorrent // Prio 2 = Seeding torrents // Prio 3 = Finished torrents
-The option to have the window shrink to the amount of torrents active if it is less then your chosen maximum listing or simply to choose a static background size.
-And of course change the color and transparency of all items directly from the config screen (except the top right buttons)

If you try it out and run into any problems or have any idea's or suggestions to add please let me know.
(other then controlling uTorrent itself like adding or removing torrents)
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Re: BezTorrent Skin

Post by Dhp84 »

does this still work?