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Rising Sun Clock 1.0

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Rising Sun Clock 1.0

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I made a mistake with a value yesterday which pushed a Roundline arc out past the H & W limits of the skin. Whilst this was a square box it reminded me of what I thought was the Japanese flag.

I forked off a copy of the 'broken' code at the time and spent a little time today today trying to get the code to produce what I had in my mind's eye. The end result is two variants and I was especially please with the offset of the sun.

One clock has the same number of rays as seconds, the other far fewer and therefore closer to the look of actual flag.

I did a little reading and learned I don't know what the Japanese flag actually looks like, too many war movies I guess! The Rising Sun Flag is the military flag of Japan, and all 3 arms of the service have a version; this skin most closely resembles the Naval ensign, flown by ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy until 1945 and Japan Maritime Self-defence Force since 1954.
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