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Tell your friends about Rainmeter

General topics related to Rainmeter.
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Tell your friends about Rainmeter

Post by derekvm86 »

I've been using Rainmeter for 48 hours and I already think it's God's gift to computers. Haha

I've already played around with Enigma's codes and adjusted things to my liking though I'm sure I'll continue to play with things over and over again.

And I've already told numerous people at work about this amazing program. There's endless possibilities and with the simplicity of the codes/scripts, there's so much room for growth. I'm not saying you should all go post fliers in your neighborhood, but if you're a true nerd like myself, you can probably find a way to slip it into conversation. Just think... with millions of users, that's probably hundreds of thousands of new skins.

/gets off soapbox
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Re: Tell your friends about Rainmeter

Post by dragonmage »

A good way to get some attention, is to show off screenshots of your setup every chance you get. When people say "Whoa, what are you running?", there's your chance.