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Replacing Windows TaskBar + Start Button

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Replacing Windows TaskBar + Start Button

Post by sl23 »

I know this has been covered, but I just wanted to add for those less in the know that some of the limitations of Rainmeter in this area are covered by an app called RocketDock. It's similar to ObjectDock but is free, portable, expandable and very easy to use.

There's plugins for system stats, grouping shortcuts, and many other things. My favourites are Stacks, KkMenu, Start Button, Volume, Battery/Power, Time/Date. You can add any shortcut by simply drag/drop. Windows can be set to minimise to the dock.

Anyway, just thought I'd point that out for those not wanting the Windows TB. There are still some things that it can't do mind, but it'll go some way to your goal if that's what you want.
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Re: Replacing Windows TaskBar + Start Button

Post by Dempsey »

I use Rainmeter and Rocketdock with HideTaskbar.exe / StartKiller.exe running on Startup.

No taskbar and no start button. Result :D