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Chimer 2.0

Clocks and timer skins
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Chimer 2.0

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Chimer is up...after much work...then much testing....

Chimer 2.0 is a 'sound' skin...

Really, we have SO many clocks to choose from in the RainMeter world....but few to none do this...
{this IS NOT a visual clock}
Chimer plays a constant 'tick-tock' sound (3 different styles to choose from)(may be turned off/on)
Play clock chimesfor the hour, quarter hour, half hour, and three quarter well as 'tolling' the hour....

In essence, it recreates the chiming sounds of a clock.....

8 different chime style to choose from....
5 different grandfather clocks <one of which is an OLD macintosh chime set>
a mantel clock with glass chimes
a bell tower
and Cuckoo

This skin has a hide button, that reduces it down to a very transparent, little once you get it set it will not 'clutter' your desktop.....

{has a minor bug in WinXP, that while tolling the hour, it will sound as if it is about to toll one extra time, but is only a tiny snippet of the actual toll....this does not occur in Vista or 7....and has not been tested on 8 (someone feel free to let me know how it performs in Win8)}

(Suggest that you 'right click', and set to setting/position/On Desktop)

{sounds gathered from around the net, no known authors, however all sounds were edited, cleaned, or altered by me}
{hat tip to: smurfier and Mordasius of the Rainmeter forum, with solving 2 different code problems}
{inspired by Steampunk Clock Yahoo widget by yereverluvinunclebert}
{dedicated to RMK and his obsession with 'chiming computers' :) }

Download from deviantART
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