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[Update] Clock Work Orange

Clocks and timer skins
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[Update] Clock Work Orange

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Here's an update on what I've been working on.

I've been working on this Clock Work Orange widget, a clock with rotating gears. I initially planned it to have multiple features, but I decided it best to keep it simple. So I published just a simple clock (big thanks to Mordasius for helping me optimize it):

While I like the simple design, it is not quite what I want for my desktop as I like the look and feel of some of the widgets from Enigma, and I also like to set a slideshow of 700+ wallpapers as my background(mostly landscapes). So, I've been working on something Enigma-esque that can pretty much go with any wallpaper and does not block the view of my background.

In the attached screenshot of my current desktop, you'll see my Enigma Clock Work Orange Theme. It contains some widgets from the Enigma package on the left side, rocket dock for my launcher (I made the icons myself, with some help from ), and a media player that controls both Google Music Player ( and internet raido stations ( modified from, thanks jsmorley :D ). And of course, the gears also rotate, while the orange gear acts as a Start button ( a clock appears when I mouse over the area near the orange gear).

A big thanks to the Rainmeter community, as I would not have figured out how to do any of this all without you! Let me know what you think of what I've done so far. Thanks in advance!
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