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A Rainmeter communtiy branch needs your help.

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A Rainmeter communtiy branch needs your help.

Post by sgtevmckay »

Hello Folks

We need your assistance.

Raineer bendenfield has stared a great concept in building a Rainmeter group at the Dev Art site.
Since many of us here at the forums are tied in with our own chores and what-have-you's, we need the community to assist bendenfield in building on his growing concept.

We have a lot of members here that I know would wish to participate more in the reconstruction of Rainmeter, and this is just one way.
I have always encouraged the community members and non-members, for their input.
So I am asking again.

Your input will have a major impact, and we want to here it.
All input is welcome and invited.

More information can be found at the following Forum:
Read all input first carefully: Please ;)
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Re: A Rainmeter communtiy branch needs your help.

Post by bendenfield »

When you are interested in becoming a administration member of the group you should also have a look on this thread:

And don't forget the thread mentioned above. We still need some more input for the project being a success.