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Constant Refreshing

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Constant Refreshing

Post by Sigismond0 »

Since updating to Rainmeter 1.0, I've had a persistent problem with Rainmeter refreshing all of the configs approximately once per minute. At first I thought it might be a problem with some of my old skins, but it persists even when I use the newest version of HUD.Vision.

I am currently running Rainmeter 1.0 x64 on Windows 7 RC1.
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Re: Constant Refreshing

Post by Oldviking »

Same problem( Vista rainbar 4.5 & rainmeter) here!
IE8 -> Close -> gadgets refresh all
Printer (Canon MP450x)-> Off -> gadgets refresh all :roll:

look here:

and :!:
*XP-H SP3 (32bit)/ Sevenmizer/Rainbar 4.6*
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Re: Constant Refreshing

Post by kenz0 »

The fix about "excess refreshing" is included in the latest beta version. so try this one.