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Making gtalk appear transparent

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Making gtalk appear transparent

Post by mbone »

Hello everyone,

I recently stumbled upon this great site and started customizing my windows 7 desktop. I like a minimalistic transparent style, a few icons, very clean dt, like many other rainmeter users it seems.

The only thing I still cannot do, or haven't found out how to, is to get my gtalk client, its chat windows and messages, to appear analogous to the rest of my setup.
I'm looking to have everything transparent, as if I were turning down the opacity option with the enigma skin. I'm no dev or coder, but there has to be some file I can edit to make the appearance transparent. So, has anyone thought about making something similar?

I have done some research, but the only transparent gtalk skin or theme is for Android phone ROMs, particularly ICS and GB mods. - outside my scope, but proof it can be done.

I know in order to change the appearance for gtalk , its main.css file has to be edited. I also found a few ideas as to how this can be achieved thru css and html code, but I don't think it's close enough. This site how to get transparent boxes, and even has an example of how it looks

Now, I'm not expecting anyone to do it for me, just perhaps nudge me in the right direction.
I've attached a sample pic to give you a better idea.
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