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Midsummer Chronophage

Clocks and timer skins
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Midsummer Chronophage

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This clock was inspired by John Taylor's Midsummer Chronophage on display at the National Museum of Scotland It's sister clock, the Corpus Clock, can be found at Corpus College, Cambridge YouTube
The clock has no hands or numbers. Time is indicated by 'lights' moving around rings for the seconds, minutes and hours. These all spin around once a minute (just wait until the seconds marker in the outer ring gets close to the top).

The Chronophage insect or ‘time-eater’ rocks with the pendulum but doesn't open it's mouth to gobble up time as it does in the real thing. The seconds ring jumps a second every now and then which is largely accidental but very much in keeping with the original which gains and losses time so that it is only guaranteed to be accurate every five minutes.

It's not something I'd like to have sitting on my desktop but it was fun making it :)