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Changes and skins question

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Changes and skins question

Post by derekvm86 »

Dumb (possibly smart) question...

When I reboot my computer and restart Rainmeter, will all of this stuff come up the same way I've just configured it? I obviously had to save the code and get it to work. I'm just curious if I need to save it as another file name and apply the changed configs every time.

Also, I only have Enigma and Tranquil skins. Are there more out there? And if so, where might they be?

Re: Changes and skins question

Post by sgtevmckay »

Ok, if you are using XP you are safe. if you are using Vista or hiher, it gets a little querky.
If you have been saving your ini files as you go, your modified skins are safe,
The rainmeter ini is supposed to auto save the position, but if you are using vista, you will need to run rainmeter as an administrator to get it to save the last position safely.

as for more skins
there is

and that is just for starters, you can also put Rainmeter skins in the google search and watch what happens