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Something funny happened today....

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Something funny happened today....

Post by ikjadoon »

Hi. :) I'm back, well, just for a few days.

I got really into Rainmeter a few weeks in the summer, but then that college thing started and I've been absolutely pummeled with work. Like, I'm pretty much sinning right now by not doing homework, but I need a short break! :)

So, when I used Rainmeter in the summer, it was pretty straight-forward. A "skins" folder and you just copy & paste *.ini files in there. I got a new laptop and wanted to put Rainmeter on there. I thought that maybe I would just copy and paste the old Rainmeter folder onto the laptop and just run it from there. But, of course, I learned of the "new version" of Rainmeter. So I went ahead and downloaded that instead of copying/pasting the whole Rainmeter folder, ya know, the latest and greatest.

I didn't want to have to remake all my skins, though, so I copy & pasted my old Rainmeter folder to an arbitrary location on my hard drive, like My Documents for example. :D :D :D If you know anything about the "new" Rainmeter, you'll see my problem. I thought I would just copy the skins I wanted from that folder (located at Documents/Rainmeter) into the folder where Rainmeter was getting installed (Program Files/Rainmeter).

So, when I opened up Rainmeter, I was very surprised to find out that the Rainmeter Dev. Team decided to include the Chuck Norris Fact skin/applet! I used that on my last install! That's totally awesome! :) Oh, snap, they used the gMail skin/applet that I used, too! Oh, I can't believe it: they are using the Picture Feed I was using, too!!! Man, I thought, I must be absolutely famous on the forums.

Then, when I tried to insert a new skin, I read the little ReadMe: please insert your skins to the Rainmeter folder created in your Documents folder.

Good times. :D Uber-happy to see the place thriving!


Re: Something funny happened today....

Post by sgtevmckay »

Greetings ikjadoon, it is good to hear from you as I was getting worried. :)

I am glad to hear that school is the distraction. 8-)

As I am known for saying:
your personal life
Your Family
Your Friends.
Rainmeter will be here when you return.
Keep an eye out, we may be headed into Version 1.1 in the next month or so, but we shall see.

There should be no reason to rebuild any skin, just movements in order to properly accommodate the UAC needs in Windows Vista and 7

Good to hear from you. Go to school and do your best. :D
We will be here when you have time. ;)

Magis Esse!