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Themes changed to Layouts

Changes made during the Rainmeter 2.5 beta cycle and earlier.
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Themes changed to Layouts

Post by jsmorley »

The term "Themes" has been replaced with "Layouts" throughout Rainmeter.

In addition to the text in dialogs like Manage, the folder name in $APPDATA%\Rainmeter has been changed from Themes to Layouts and the layout file saved is now Rainmeter.ini instead of Rainmeter.thm.

In addition, a new bang !LoadLayout has been added to allow a layout to be loaded from a command in a skin or as a Rainmeter.exe command line parameter.

There has been a lot of confusion over time with the term "Themes" - The ability to save and load the current "state" of your Rainmeter setup, with the positions of skins, loaded or inactive, and other setting like "Draggable" or "Snap to edges".

It is not always clear when someone really means "theme" or "skin" or "config" or "suite" when they are commenting or asking a question. This can lead to some confusion and waste of time for the entire community.

We think using "Layouts" for this functionality will be a lot more clear and intuitive.