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a RM skin about displaing countdown

Clocks and timer skins
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a RM skin about displaing countdown

Post by doctor_DC »

This is a RM skin about displaing countdown,it can display most 5 item,to see more explaination in skin manage

Notes:some days ago,there are some problems for the skin,now,i have solved can use it curretly and happiless.go ahead!
to add or edit your todo things there
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Re: a RM skin about displaing countdown

Post by eclectic-tech »

Only a 90-day warranty (9/21~12/21)? ... :welcome: 8-) :o :uhuh:

I'll check back with you on the 22nd...
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Re: a RM skin about displaing countdown

Post by Mirage »


I was looking for a skin like this to customize, (hope you don't mind?). Anyway, I loaded it up and found I get the following error in my log file, every second or so...

Script: Countdelta-T.lua:14: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value

Don't really understand what's going on here? I'm using the very latest version of Rainmeter, and I see where the PROPERTIES function has been deprecated. Could this be it?
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Re: a RM skin about displaing countdown

Post by Kaelri »

The issue is with the values that the script uses as its default date:

Code: Select all

PROPERTIES = {year=0,month=0,day=0,hour=0,minute=0,second=0,MeterDay="Day",MeterHour="Hour",MeterMinute="Minute"}
Specifically, "year," "month" and "day" cannot be 0. "Month" must be a number 1-12, "day" must be 1-31, and "year" must be later than 1969 (because of the way Unix time works).

Using this

Code: Select all

PROPERTIES = {year=1970,month=1,day=1,hour=0,minute=0,second=0,MeterDay="Day",MeterHour="Hour",MeterMinute="Minute"}
solves that issue, but the script seems to have some additional issues, which I'm looking into.