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! Website Suggestion !

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! Website Suggestion !

Post by iUnify »

Hey people! I went and posted a great website suggestion on the "3rd Party Plug-ins & Helper Apps" page of the forum and I think it would have been far better suited for this section, the "Feature Suggestions" page.

So without further ado, please check this link to see what my suggestion is. I really feel that it would be a very smart and wonderful addition to the website and a great help to the community and it's members. I would have re-posted it here but than the comments would be in multiple areas and that just wouldn't be a smart idea. In fact, it would pretty much contradict the entire idea I have for the site!! ;)

I apologize for the dual post and I really hope to hear what people have to say about this. Please only post all responses on the post through that above link! :D