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Stretching The Rainmeter Boundaries - Can We Make This Work?

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Stretching The Rainmeter Boundaries - Can We Make This Work?

Post by iUnify »

I just finished posting elsewhere on the forum about some Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets that I found to be very helpful. The creators of these have some great ideas and as I finished typing and hit send- it got me thinking... Can Rainmeter do this?

As anyone who's read my posts knows, I am probably the smartest and most likely to be able to accomplish this task... but I am just really, busy. So, yeah, I figured I would just ask you guys what you think. Can we make any of these ideas come to life in the world of Rainmeter?

- - - - -

Navigate web pages right from your desktop on a speedy, completely re-sizable, bare bones only Web Browser. This is great to surf the net, watch a streaming video or just keep track of a site that you are either making or waiting for information to be posted on. You can even set how often this nifty tool refreshes, too! I doubt this is doable or necessary. But what do you think? I say it's great but best left as is. Maybe not, though.

I love this thing. This gadget allows you to watch or listen to anything you want. I know, there are a million things to do this- but the way it is made, the memory it uses and how it looks is great. You can re-size it to any pixel width + height you would like. The controls only appear when your mouse is hovering over the gadget. I like watching movies on it when I am busy doing other stuff but want a little something to keep my mind elsewhere. =) I think I've seen something like this already although I think this version is way nicer. Can we even re-size a skin on-the-fly in RM? Would you say it's worth re-making a skin like this for RM? I say this is great, AS IS.

WP Mail Corp:
With this email gadget you can not only see how many emails you have but you can actually read them from your desktop... no opening the web browser! Set how often the gadget will check for new messages and you have instant access to them once the arrive. The one negative thing is that you can not respond without opening your Browser. I believe it opens your default (some gadgets just open IE and that pisses me off!) I cannot stand that nobody has created a gadget that acts as an inbox/outbox yet though, as the technology is all there- but this is the closest thing available thus far. I know we have gmail checker in RM and I believe it can be done for other Services like Hotmail but I would LOVE to see this gadget redone in Rainmeter with all of these available settings. Especially if you could send mail as well without opening the browser.


Drive Explorer: This nifty gadget is just a mini Window Explorer so if you want to open a folder quickly you can use this. It comes in handy sometimes for me. If I am not using this I usually use whatever folder is open (or open anything) and just type in the path... but this is nice too. Personally, I would like to see this done in Rainmeter. Not a link to the Win Explorer... but a mini Explorer to access the files right from the desktop in a small window. Thoughts/ Suggestions/ Concerns?

Clipboard Manager: Quick access to anything you copied and pasted... words or files. Keeps track of however much you specify it to, 5-100 items. It can erase it's memory after a restart or keep it. You can also set it to keep track of any file or folder you opened but I leave that off. This is a great and handy idea in my eyes, I would like to see this as a skin in RM. Can we even do it? Hate the idea? Do you want to make it happen? Let me know.

File Shredder: Just a file shredder. 1- 10 algorithms, your choice. This is an obvious YES to me. RM would benefit from a tiny skin where you could drag and drip files to shred them with a variable algorithm. I don't think it is possible to drag and drop into a RM skin though, is it? Can this idea be done anyway? Is it worth it? I say yes, and your thoughts are...?

Folder Magic: Set which folders you want specific file types to go to than drag and drop them into the gadget image... poof! They disappear like magic and are sent to the path you've specified. So if you want .mp3's to go to Documents\Music they do. If you want .ini's to go to Rainmeter\Skins they do. If you want .pdf's to go to My Documents\ebooks.... you get the idea. You can set it more specifically for the obvious reason that it wouldn't know where you want it to go...unless... Personally this is good in the Vista Sidear to me but shit, anything that can be done in RM should be tried and explored I think. Is this possible to accomplish? It is in the same area as 'Folder Magic' either Drag and Drop or a new alternative way to get the same end result. Hello...Anyone?

Print A Document: Drag and drop anything printable into the gadget image and it will print. Most def a nice idea, I print at other times than just inside an open file. I think it is just fine as a Gadget but I want to know if it can be done. I want to know what you think.

Quick Zipper: Drag and drop anything you want to zip and it automatically does so. Specify what compression program to use, the extension you would like to compress it to (anything you want) and where the files should be saved to. For me, this is another obvious YES. It is a great and productive idea. Does Rainmeter support such code to construct a skin that can do this? Another drag and drop- that may just be a hurtle that we cannot pass ATM- but maybe there is a creative force out there who has another idea- speak up, whatcha got?

MyWinLock Encrypt Data: Drag and drop anything you would like to encrypt into the gadget image and it encrypts. Set it up how you wish in the Settings. I like this too. Although there is software to do this (and this requires a small free program) it is still handy to have at your fingertips. How do you see it?

Event Data: I like this- it's a great To-Do List of sorts. Really keeps track of everything you need with alarms, calendar, time, reminders... the works, basically. I know this is already in some ways a part of RM but if you download this gadget and look at it (there are a lot alike, you will need this file from me) you will see how much you can do with this. I like the idea of a calendar, a place to write for each event you add, a great little system to go through your events, alarms that sound when things are due, reoccurring tasks daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or one time and much more. Do you think the skins for RM are sufficient enough or would users benefit from something more advanced and specific?

Gas Prices:: Enter your zip and see all the gas stations in a x- mile radius of your home. I always get the cheapest gas. Yay! This is just another kind of RSS is it not? I KNOW people would use this if it were a skin. Can anyone tell me if this is doable or something they would be interested in working on? Who doesn't wanna know where to stop for the cheapest gas in an economy like today?

Now Playing: Just like CD Art Display... a bit different, I like it though... I guess I used it more awhile back though.I know this is just like what we have so I vote it is best off where it is... but if you have Vista, take a look (I will send you it to anyone who actually wants to take part in all this) it does have it's advantages and differences. Maybe you'd think a new RM skin with these specifications would be better than what we already have out there. Maybe you wont!

Volume Control Reloaded: Change the volume and mute. Opens a flyout window that has all of the mixers and you can load and save presets here.Now this, we need. No exceptions- it is one of the good ones! Can we make a RM skin that pops up the Mixers and saves and loads presets? Maybe you think I'm stupid for suggesting this. If so, TELL ME!

- - - - -

Well I could be here all day but I am all done! I hope some people like these ideas- I hope even more that this list can lead to even one more advancement in RM. To help something pop up that has never been done before. Expand the empire! ;) If you read this all though you really gotta admit that there are some really useful things here, no?

I really hope to hear what you guys think! Let me know if we are on to something here or if I am just a crazy no-good, lazy, crazy dreamer!!! :D :lol: :D :lol: :D
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Re: Stretching The Rainmeter Boundaries - Can We Make This Work?

Post by Alex2539 »

MiniBrowser: Can't be done - Rainmeter can't parse HTML.
Wall-patch: Video's can't be watched through Rainmeter, you would have to silently open another player in that location (VLC is the best bet). Audio and showing/hiding buttons is old news though. As for resizing... well, I can only think of one way, and it's not pretty.
WP Mail Corp: This is done for the most part. Reading the actual message may not be possible, and other mail services - especially Hotmail - cannot be done because of the restraints placed by Microsoft and other companies.

Drive Explorer: I have an idea on how to show any folder's contents (no promises). Opening them is another story though. It's probably not possible.

Clipboard Manager, File Shredder, Folder Magic, Print A Document, Quick Zipper: Impossible. Rainmeter doesn't do drag and drop.

Event Data: I've already tried to do something like this. I would work in theory but the new dynamic variables in the latest Beta build don't work with the plugins, only the regular measures and meters. If there may be another way though... I'll have to experiment. The only thing that comes to mind really isn't pretty (command prompts would be popping up on every refresh, possibly every update).

Gas Prices:: If you have a website for it, then this would just need WebParser.

Now Playing: Been done many times.

Volume Control Reloaded: This would need another program that accepts commands from the command line. Rainmeter has no direct control over audio, except for those three !bangs to start and stop a single sound.

So, to recap: WP Mail Corp can't be done farther than we already have. Drive explorer can be done maybe halfway. Event Data can probably be done, but it will be very tricky. Gas Prices only needs a source for the information (preferable an RSS feed). As far as I can tell, Now Playing is done. Everything else is not possible in Rainmeter.
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Re: Stretching The Rainmeter Boundaries - Can We Make This Work?

Post by iUnify »

Alex: Thanks a lot for breaking it all down for me! I think it would be really cool if you were to work on what you could and see what happens.

Do you foresee Rainmeter having any of these capabilities in the future? I know some stuff is left for other software but I'll tell you the more this program can do the better- it'd be very nice to see it grow and expand in some of these directions to encompass the capabilities you mentioned.

Well I'd really be looking forward to seeing what you come up with if you end up tinkering....

Let me know!!!