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Very basic Dell L501X config

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Very basic Dell L501X config

Post by psychokilla »

Just finished my L501X sidebar built on the default illustro skin.

It's got Clock, System Stats (core usage, mem usage), Temps (CPU, MB, GPU, HDD), Network Stats (IP, Download, Upload) and Disk Usage (Just the one)...Hell why am I describing it? Here it is in "action"...

I'm not sold on the mustard colour of the lines so I might change to a cyan or something in line with the OSX theme (Which, if you like it, is OSX-Lion-Inspirat-DLB from CustopackTools)

Just unpack the zip and stick the L501X folder into "My Documents/RainMeter/Skins/" then restart your Rainmeter.

I know it's not as artistic as some of the creations here but it might help some folk out with their laptops :)

It uses SpeedFan for the temps, just make sure yours are in the following order :


...and make sure you enable support for Dell Notebooks in your SpeedFan or you'll get temps that are too high.

Hopefully it helps someone out, I guess there's no reason why it shouldn't work for any other laptop (Mine has 2 physical cores and 2 "virtual cores" so that might be the only difference)
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