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A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Our 5th rainmeter skinset and second based on Startrek LCARS computer systems.
We didnt see any skins of this nature out there so we decided to create one

What it has:

Application launcher
games launcher
Internet app launcher
Media Player
GMail tool
Weather tool
24hr clock
uptime clock
power and battery monitors
dynamic notepad
CPU Monitor
Memory Monitor
Networks and Wifi monitor
Disk monitor
recycle bin
Global core_config file
Icons included for some apps and such
supports screen size 1280X800

Requires Coretemp for some features to work properly

This is a WIP as there are some minor bugs but nothing bad. this skinset is functional and 99% complete with all graphic panels and images

Download Link:

NOTE: Some widgets were used from other skins and sources so credit and thanks goes out tho those creators
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