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Command Line Ini Editor

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Command Line Ini Editor

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I found an ini editor that works through command line called IniFile (Its freeware). I'm not really sure if anyone already has something like this but I just found out about it now and thought it could be useful to be able to edit skins and configs through command line.
IniFile handles Windows type INI files with section names in square brackets, and assignments of the form: item=string.


INIFILE filename [section] item=string change or write
INIFILE filename [section] item= remove item
INIFILE filename [section] item== clear item
INIFILE filename [section] /remove remove entire section
INIFILE filename [section] item > temp.bat read item
INIFILE filename [section] > temp.bat read all items of section

Items and sections are generated if not found. The INI file must exist.
IniFile 1.6