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I'll be back.

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I'll be back.

Post by Falconer »

[No, this isn't a thread about California's governor...]

Just thought I needed to post somewhere that I won't be here on the forums for a while.
Due to recent "issues" with my computer... my Rainmeter learning process has been suspended. I won't go into details, but I might not be Rainmeter-ing for a while. (Hopefully not to long...)
When I'm back up and running, I'll poke my head back in the door
and try to establish a consistent presence here.

Falconer out...

Re: I'll be back.

Post by sgtevmckay »

Good luck and take care

We will be here when you return 8-)
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Re: I'll be back.

Post by Alex2539 »

  Quick! Somebody move the forums while he's not looking! :mrgreen:  
Good luck solving your "issues", whatever they may be.