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solar system?

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solar system?

Post by uselessladder »

would it be possible through rainmeter to set up something where I could have the solar system on my desktop, with the planets circling the sun, and then have the ability to click on the planets which would zoom in and show like a big blown up image of the planet and give some information on it?

Re: solar system?

Post by sgtevmckay »

Can it be done, the short answer is: Yes.

Actually GLFSD (a member here) has has been working on similar items for some time.
May look into some of his latest, here and at

Although what you are describing sounds more like:


Although not anything to do with Rainmeter, I use and update both, and I am an active member of each community.
These two are great softwares and do their jobs well, both are recognized by NASA and several other space research institutions

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Re: solar system?

Post by glfsd »

hi uselessladder
look here
this is a simple first attempt