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Open Windows?

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Open Windows?

Post by taipan_snake »

I think it would be an awesome feature if Rainmeter could display open windows. Is this possible? Thanks!
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Re: Open Windows?

Post by Inarai »

Likely possible, the data must exist on the system somehow. However, actually finding it and getting it going properly would be a different matter. Some of these more drastic changes would be better handled as add-ons, rather than expecting the dev-team to take care of it on their own. That's the great thing about this software - it's so customizable because it can be added to without the developer having to do it.

Might I suggest(Mods, I hope you don't mind) that it might be better to see if anyone's interested in working on such a feature in the Chalk Board?
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Re: Open Windows?

Post by Chewtoy »

I'm affraid that the data for the open windows might be hidden deep in under all the evil layers of unfree source code...
So actually getting the information might prove a problem unless we feel that copyright infringement is a-okay with rainmeter.
All I can tell is, I can't find the info you're requesting from all the times I've tried explore the depths of windows (XP)... It's quite shallow I must say...
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Re: Open Windows?

Post by jsmorley »

Rainmeter does not have this capability built in. Getting open Window names is really not hard, but someone would have to write a reasonably complicated plugin to return this information to Rainmeter in a way it could use it. If you were looking to ask if a particular Window name existed and wanted to return 0 or 1 so you could display something in a meter like "Notepad is open", that would be trivial. To display a list would mean returning an array of names and use some form of StringIndex= like WebParser does.

Maybe someone wants to take on writing such a plugin in C++ but in the meantime the short answer to your original question is no.